Monday, August 28, 2017

Stunning Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favors are not a must these days, but they are surely a very nice way of making your guests happy and showing them your gratitude. Of course, you will probably want to skip overused cupcakes and overly cheesy refrigerator magnets with your engagement pictures – but how do you keep it classy and pretty with your favors without breaking the bank?

We have some suggestions for you – so read on and find out more.

·        Personalized notebooks. What could be more suitable for the celebration of a love story, other than a pretty notebook your guests can actually use for their day to day tasks, and even for writing their own stories? Create an attractive design for your notebooks and your guests are guaranteed to love them!
·        Personalized compasses. This is perfect for a beach wedding, but it can really work with other themes as well, even if they are not located near the beach. Opt for golden, bronze, or rose gold compasses engraved with your wedding monogram if you want your wedding favors to be really elegant and unique.
·        Personalized wine glasses. Nothing says “classy” more than a fancy wine glass – so why not send your guests home with a pretty one, personalized with a cute message, your wedding monogram, or simply your names? This is something people will definitely appreciate!
·        Personalized playing cards. Want to send out a playful message? Offer your guests a personalized deck of playing cards. There are oh-so-many ways you can personalize these according to your style, personality and taste that you will CERTAINLY find something to suit you and your wedding!

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Vendor Negotiation Tips All Brides Should Know

Wedding planning is an incredibly complex activity – and good negotiation skills are absolutely crucial when you want to get the most for your money. How do you actually negotiate with all of your vendor specialists, though? What are the essentials to keep in mind?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  •        A smile can go a long way. OK, you might be irritated by the fact that your vendors cannot drop the price. And you might feel the negotiation is going downhill. Even so, that’s no reason to be rude. Be polite and genuinely interested to have a proper conversation with your prospective wedding experts.
  •        Knowledge makes the difference. Knowing what some vendors can offer, what you need, and what is the market price for a service – now, that’s real power. If you add this to not showing your vendors you really want them (and not anyone else) to handle your wedding, you are guaranteed to gain the upper hand in the negotiation process.
  •        Keep in mind, not all vendors will be able to actually drop the prices – but, when asked nicely, they might be able to throw in precious extras both you and your guests will definitely appreciate. Don’t be afraid to ask!
  •       Last, but definitely not least, keep your optimism. Discuss with your vendors and be open to their suggestions. These people want to actually help you have a dream wedding, so they really deserve all of your attention and politeness!

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Move Beyond Dress Code Confusion

Dress codes can be quite the tricky matter, especially if you have never dealt with them “up-close”. How do you decipher them and how to establish the right one for your wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  •    Black Tie. Contrary to the popular belief, this is not the most elegant wedding dress code (White Tie is even more formal, for example). It involves men wearing tuxedoes in simple colors and women wearing long dresses (which are actually allowed to show a bit of skin, such as through a slit skirt, for example).
  •    Dressy Casual. If you plan on having a semi-formal wedding, this is the dress code to embrace. It allows people to dress nicely and combine the cocktail attire with a more formal touch of elegance, but it also offers plenty of creative freedom when it comes to the attires.
  •    Festive. If someone sees the “Festive” dress code on a wedding invitation, this means they can be really creative with the attire. For instance, a sparkly jumper and a pretty envelope bag will look absolutely amazing together!
  •  Beach Formal. You may be tempted to believe this means you are supposed to wear a tuxedo on the beach, but it’s not necessarily true. Men are expected to wear light fabric suits, while ladies can wear any type of elegant flowing dress that’s suitable for the beach.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Have You Insured Your Engagement Ring?

You may not think engagement ring insurance is important – but, in fact, this is one of the very first things you should do after the big “Yes”. After all, this piece of jewelry bears a huge significance for you and your loved one and you want to take care of it for the decades to come.

Why is insurance so important and what is there to know about getting an engagement ring insurance policy? Read on and find out more.

  •        Believe it or not, a well-built insurance policy can save you from a lot of trouble. Theft, damage, accidents, and even complete loss can be covered by an engagement ring insurance policy. This will give you peace of mind, knowing your precious engagement ring is properly covered for the many years of love ahead of you.
  •         If you want to purchase an engagement ring policy, make sure to have your ring appraised by a professional. This is how your insurance company will know the true value of the ring (and thus, this is how they will determine the price of your insurance policy – about $1-$2 for each $100 of the ring’s worth).
  •      When to get the insurance policy for your engagement ring? Well, our advice is to get it as soon as possible – maybe even before you announce everyone on Facebook that you got engaged. This is more than just a piece of jewelry for you and your significant other, so it is perfectly normal to want to take proper care of it.

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