Monday, December 4, 2017

Allow These 2018 Wedding Food Trends into Your Big Day

Wedding food trends come and go – but the experience you offer at your wedding will remain in your guests’ memories forever.

So, which of the 2018 wedding food trends are worth considering for the most amazing day of your life? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  •        Flower-power. If you thought flowers would only make an appearance on wedding cakes, you were wrong. In 2018, dried and fresh flowers make their way into actual wedding foods – and oh, how stunning they look! Plus, when chosen the right way, these little natural beauties can also add an amazing taste as well!
  •        Black foods are welcome. You may not consider an all-black wedding menu – but incorporating naturally-dark foods is a really amazing idea if you want to add a touch of refinement, elegance, and uniqueness to your wedding food. Black beans, blackberries, blueberries, black rice – the list of options is pretty generous, so don’t be afraid to get creative with it!
  •       Herbal cocktails make an entrance. Want to serve a truly special signature cocktail at your wedding? Consider incorporating herbs in your special cocktail – not only will they add a really fresh flavor, but they will look quite impressive as well!
  •         Drip cakes are here to stay. If you don’t want to serve the traditional white tiered cake, you should definitely consider multiple, smaller drip cakes. They look absolutely fantastic and they can taste equally amazing – so you really have all the reasons to love them.

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