Monday, December 25, 2017

Traditional Wedding Cakes With a Twist

Many brides and grooms believe “traditional” is the equivalent of “boring”, but that needn’t be the case. As a matter of fact, traditional wedding elements are still highly appreciated for a reason: they are timeless, and they are constantly adapted to the new trends.

Take the classic white wedding cake, for example. Classy and timeless, this cake can be adjusted to fit any type of wedding, and any type of couple. Here are some ideas to inspire you as well:

  •        Round and square. For a modern white cake that will look just as elegant in 2018 as it will 40 years from now, ask your confectioner to create a multiple-tier white cake covered in classic fondant. The twist? Ask for two square tiers (at the bottom) and three round tiers (towards the top). The combination will add so much charm to your wedding cake!
  •        Playfully white. A small, two-tier wedding cake can be instantly turned into a playful, sweet, and modern piece if you ask your confectioner to add sugar balls on the brims of each of the tiers. They will look absolutely adorable, especially when paired with a cute cake topper!
  •        Rivets of white. Ask your wedding cake designer to create icing rivets on your tall, tiered, white wedding cake. If you add a couple of small bouquets of blooms on the cake (at the bottom and on the brim of the bottom tier, for example), it will look ultra-beautiful and elegant. The rivets, the blooms, the height of the cake – everything about it will scream “refined elegance”!

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